Mark Haynes Celebrates Two Decades of Trucking with Van Kam

Meet Mark Haynes, an Owner-Operator at Van Kam, celebrating 20 years with the company. A seasoned trucker with decades under his belt, Mark has a trove of stories about the evolution of trucking. His career has mirrored the advancements in the industry, from the days of manual maps and payphones to the high-tech, efficient systems we see today. Choosing Van Kam for its expansive network and 24/7 support, Mark has found a home where he can thrive amid the challenges of long-haul trucking.

From Analog to Digital

Mark’s journey in trucking began in an era starkly different from today’s technology-driven world. “When I started trucking, we did not have cruise control, automatic trucks, or even power windows,” Mark recalls, painting a picture of a more challenging, more rugged time. The transition from that rough-and-ready era to today’s sophisticated logistics operations marks his career with milestones of technological leaps.

“Back then, you’d have to stop and buy a folding map if you were heading somewhere new,” Mark explains, highlighting one of the many drastic changes that have simplified life on the road. GPS and real-time tracking have taken the guesswork out of navigation, a convenience some truckers might take for granted.

A Decision for Stability

Mark’s decision to join Van Kam was fueled by a desire for a stable work environment that smaller companies couldn’t offer. “At a smaller company, there’s no one at the end of the phone when you have problems,” he points out. Van Kam’s robust support system and network of terminals across regions promised a level of security and professional support that was too compelling to pass up.

He compares the company’s operations to a finely tuned watch: “Like a costly watch, it’s the pieces underneath that you don’t see that make all the difference—dispatch, safety, the mechanics.” This analogy reflects his appreciation for the seamless, well-oiled machine Van Kam operates, ensuring that if problems arise, solutions are just a call away.

Witnessing Van Kam’s Evolution

Mark signifies Van Kam’s move from its old Burnaby terminal to the newer Surrey terminal as a significant upgrade in operational capacity and work environment. “It’s like, wow. Nice big building. And everybody’s in one building here,” Mark comments, appreciating the centralization that has enhanced coordination and efficiency.

The integration of advanced technology and the professionalization of processes, such as the adoption of seniority systems and union representation, have improved the workflow and workplace culture. “Everything here, all the work is done by seniority, which is good because it rewards your dedication,” he adds, noting the fairness in how assignments and routes are distributed.

The Freedom of the Open Road

Outside the rig, Mark enjoys the freedom of the open road in another way—on his touring bike. Riding his motorcycle allows him to unwind, clear his head, and enjoy his time off fully. “Everything else in your head just goes away,” he says about his bike rides, a sentiment many can relate to, regardless of their hobby.

Mark’s story is not just about the miles he’s covered or the freight he’s hauled; it’s about the journey through an industry’s transformation, witnessed from the best seat in the house—a truck driver’s. At Van Kam, he’s found a place where he can continue to grow and where his vast experience is respected and rewarded. Here’s to many more miles and stories on the road with Van Kam.

Van Kam Celebrates Les Topp’s 25 Year Legacy

Van Kam proudly celebrates Les Topp, one of our Senior Linehaul Drivers, who will be celebrating his 25th anniversary at Van Kam Freightways in 2024. Time has flown by for Les, and he credits the close-knit Van Kam environment for his longstanding career. “The team here is like a second family. Working with such good people gives you little reason to look elsewhere,” he shares.

From Uncertainty to Unwavering Loyalty

Les joined Van Kam following the closure of his previous employer’s business, leading him to a crossroads that Van Kam quickly turned into a welcome sign. “When the company went under, I applied to Van Kam and another company. It was the speed and decisiveness of Van Kam’s recruitment process that made my decision an easy one,” Les recounts. This swift action not only secured his expertise but also initiated his long-standing loyalty to a company that felt like home from the outset.

Finding Family on the Freeway

For Les, the open road is a place of connection, a long stretch of highway dotted with friendships and conversations that make the miles fly by. These relationships, built over radio waves and shared pit stops, highlight the unique bond shared by those who call the road their office. “It’s a unique kind of family, one that understands the call of the highway and the importance of a friendly voice over the radio,” Les says. “When I’m on the road, there’s always someone to talk to, drivers from other companies watching over one another,” he continues, highlighting the spirit of unity and support that thrives among the trucking community.

Embracing the Tides of Change

A highlight of his career came when he transitioned from manual to automatic transmission, a transition that represented our attitude to change, and trust in his capability to adapt. “Receiving the first automatic tractor with sleeper units at Van Kam was a milestone for me,” he recalls. “It was a big change from what I knew growing up on a farm, but it’s one I’ve come to appreciate for its simplicity and ease,” he adds.

The introduction of E-logs was another area where Les had to adapt. Coming from a background where technology was not a big part of his day-to-day life, the shift to digital logging was initially daunting. “I’m not big on computers and tech, so when we started with the E-logs, I had my doubts,” Les admits. “But getting used to the E-logs has really made things simpler for me on the road. It keeps everything in order, and I’ve come to rely on it,” he continues, showcasing his ability to embrace new advancements for the better.

Life Beyond the Dashboard

When the engine is off, and the keys are hung up, Les’ life is rich with the joys of family, the tranquility of fishing, and the open road under the wheels of his motorcycle. His commitment shines just as brightly off the road, with his heart wrapped around his family, including his children, grandchildren, and a newly welcomed great-grandchild. It’s this same dedication he carries into his passions outside of work.

Outside of family time, Les finds joy and freedom on his motorcycle, exploring open roads and enjoying life’s simpler pleasures. This passion for riding, along with his love for fishing, offers him a cherished escape and a way to stay grounded amidst the hustle of his professional life.

A Story of Endurance, Evolution, and Connection

As Van Kam celebrates Les Topp’s significant milestone, it’s evident that his story is not just about the miles covered but about the lives touched, the changes embraced, and the unwavering dedication to a community that extends far beyond Van Kam’s gates. Here’s to Les, a steadfast navigator of both highways and life’s winding paths. Congratulations Les!

Balwant Gill: A Quarter Century of Dedication at Van Kam Freightways

As we celebrate a significant upcoming milestone this year for our very own, Balwant Gill, who has been a steadfast Owner Operator with Van Kam Freightways for 25 years, we take a moment to appreciate his dedication and journey. Since joining us in 1999, Balwant has been an essential part of our team, initially dedicating 17 years to the demanding California route before moving to the Surrey – Calgary run. His long-standing commitment and adaptability have made him a respected and valued team member within our ranks.

From Burnaby to Surrey

Having been with Van Kam since the days of our smaller terminal on Madison Ave. in Burnaby, BC, Balwant has witnessed our significant growth and evolution. The move to a larger, better-equipped terminal in Surrey was a leap forward, reflecting the company’s progress and ambition. “The move to Surrey and the new equipment have been positive changes. It’s made our work easier and really makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger,” he remarks.

A Culture of Support

Balwant’s tenure has been filled with positive experiences. One of the defining moments in his career came when Van Kam stepped forward to cover the costs of a significant repair to his tractor. This gesture of support was not just financial assistance but a demonstration of our commitment to our drivers. “That time they sorted out my repair bill… that meant a lot. Showed me this company’s got my back,” he recalls the gesture that solidified his faith in Van Kam.

His appreciation extends to the open-door policy practiced at Van Kam. This environment of openness offers him a direct line to everyone, from his manager to our CEO. It’s this accessibility that has fostered a family-like atmosphere within the company. “Got something on your mind? You can just knock and talk with anyone; makes you feel respected, and part of a team that truly cares,” says Balwant.

Beyond the Road

Outside of the driver’s seat, Balwant is passionate about staying healthy and spending time with his family. He loves to hike and deeply values the moments he can gather with his family. “I’m away for most of the week, so whenever I’m home, I make the most of every moment with my family. That’s very important to me,” he says.

Balwant’s journey has taught him the importance of finding a balance between work and personal life, emphasizing the need for secure, supportive employment that respects this balance. “Look for a job that not only pays well but also values your time with family. With Van Kam, I’ve found security and a schedule that allows me to plan for the future and spend quality time at home. That’s something worth considering when choosing this career path,” he advises.

The Road Continues

As we look to the road ahead, we celebrate Balwant’s remarkable journey, wishing him well on the many miles yet to come. Here’s to the ongoing journey, to Balwant’s relentless spirit, and to the endless roads that await. May his journey with Van Kam continue to be marked by success, fulfillment, and the joy of driving under the vast, open sky.

Three Decades on the Road: Celebrating Harold Hutchings’ 30 Years with Van Kam

We’re blowing the horn and flashing the lights for our local driver, Harold Hutchings, from our Kamloops terminal, as he clocks an incredible 30-year milestone with us! Harold is not only exceptional behind the wheel but also radiates positivity and instills a sense of unity within the Van Kam team.

Driving Down Memory Highway

Harold’s journey with Van Kam Freightways paints a rich tapestry of fulfilling experiences. With a sparkle in his eye, he shares, “These 30 years with Van Kam have unfolded like an unforgettable road trip, filled with remarkable milestones. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding job.”

One memory holds a special place in Harold’s heart. Back in the early 90s, Harold took the wheel of a 53-foot flat deck Van Kam truck to join the festive Christmas parades in Kamloops. The joy he found during these events was not just from the drive itself but also from the connections made with the delighted community he served. In Harold’s words, “Those parades were more than just a drive—they were a way to connect with our community. Seeing the smiles we brought to people’s faces, that’s something I’ll always cherish.”

Van Kam’s 53ft flat deck steals the show at the festive Christmas parade in Kamloops.

From Mile Marker to Mile Marker

Harold has been a part of Van Kam’s evolution, witnessing the landscape change firsthand. In his own words, “Seeing the company grow and change has been a huge part of my life. We’ve revamped our facilities, opened new terminals, refreshed our fleet of trucks, and nurtured an incredible work culture,” he says with pride. “Every step of the way, I’ve been proud to be part of this progressive Van Kam family that always strives for excellence. It’s not just the company’s achievement; it’s ours, as a team. And that’s something special,” he adds.

Highway to Harmony

When asked about what makes Van Kam stand out, he is quick to point to the people that make up the team. “The warmth, the camaraderie, the shared spirit – it’s all about the people,” he shares, with a smile in his voice. “We’re more than just colleagues. We’re a community, a family. We look out for each other, and that makes all the difference,” he says further.

A true adventurer, Harold’s joy in the outdoors shines bright.

Off-Road Adventures

When he’s not at the wheel for Van Kam, Harold is steering his way along a different kind of route – the wild, open tracks of Mother Nature. Nestled beside a tranquil lake lies Harold’s cherished cabin, his very own pitstop amidst life’s fast-paced race. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, snow skiing or simply gathering around a warm campfire, Harold relishes these moments away from the highway. “There’s nothing like swapping the roar of an engine for the whisper of the wind through the trees. It’s the perfect detour,” he says fondly.

Here’s to You, Harold

Harold’s journey reminds us of the dedication and resilience that have been instrumental in shaping Van Kam over the years. His infectious enthusiasm inspires us every day, and we’re incredibly grateful to have him on our team. Here’s to celebrating many more milestones together, Harold. Thank you for your invaluable service and the positivity you bring to Van Kam!


Van Kam Freightways Ltd. is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Trucking HR Canada and the Teamsters Union to provide our dedicated employees with a great opportunity to advance their careers. This partnership allows us to take advantage of a government grant designed to help our team members obtain their Class 1 Licenses.

Developing Talent and Strengthening the Industry

This Driver Training Grant is a government-funded program managed by Trucking HR Canada, aimed at supporting the professional development of employees in the trucking industry. By providing financial assistance for training costs, the grant, along with contributions from the Teamsters Union, enables us to invest in our employees’ growth, ensuring a strong future for Van Kam and the entire trucking industry.

The funding package includes up to $10,000 for the Driver Training Grant and up to $10,000 in wage incentives upon the new driver’s completion of training. This grant is available to both new hires and current employees.

“This initiative is not only beneficial for Van Kam but also addresses the driver shortage issue affecting the trucking industry across the country,’ says Brittany Iverson, Van Kam’s HR Manager, when asked about the details of this valuable program.

Embracing Our “Develop” Value

This exciting new initiative perfectly aligns with our “DEVELOP” value, as it showcases our commitment to helping our employees grow and achieve their career goals. By investing in our team, we continue to build a stronger Van Kam Freightways and contribute positively to the trucking industry.

“We’re thrilled to witness the progress of our employees and their journey toward obtaining their Class 1 Licenses. This program truly embodies Van Kam’s ‘Develop’ value, and we’re excited for the long-term benefits for both our employees and the company,” Brittany shares.

To learn more about the program, please visit:

Drive for Van Kam!

Interested in driving for Van Kam? Please contact our Driver Recruitment Manager, Debra Henkelman, at 604-996-5928, or HR Manager, Brittany Iverson, at 604-587-9772.

You can also email us at moc.maknavobfsctd@sreerac and view all our current driving positions at


Meet Brent McNamara, a trucking legend with over 25 years of service at Van Kam Freightways. Proud to be a part of the Van Kam family, Brent has seen the company grow into one of the top companies in British Columbia. As a senior driver, Brent has faced challenges, embraced new technologies, and experienced a lot of adventures on the road. In his words, “I’ve always been very proud to work for Van Kam Freightways. It takes a lot of teamwork to reach this level of success, and I’m happy to have been a part of it.”

From Buses to Trucks: A Life on the Road

Brent’s remarkable trucking career has stretched across an impressive six decades, beginning when he was just 12 years old. Throughout his extensive journey, he has driven a wide range of vehicles, from buses and chemical carriers to automobile transporters. Despite his vast experience, Brent acknowledges that he’s never driven a tow truck, and he doesn’t have any plans to do so either!

Reflecting on his time in the industry, Brent proudly states, “There’s not a single aspect of this organization that I can’t handle. I’ve had my hands on every part of the trucking industry, and it’s been an incredible adventure. Each experience has taught me something new, and I’m deeply grateful for every opportunity I’ve been given to grow and become the driver I am today.”

Every Trip is a Holiday

One thing that sets Brent apart is his enthusiasm and love for what he does. He firmly believes that each journey he takes is akin to a holiday, and attributes his outstanding safety record to his passion for trucking. “The moment I climb into my truck, I become the happiest man alive. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or the sun is shining brightly, I consider every trip a personal holiday. This love and devotion for my job, I believe, are the driving forces that have sustained me all these years, pushing me to deliver excellence every time I hit the road,” Brent shares fondly.

Adapting to Change and Embracing Technology

Throughout his career, Brent has adapted to new technologies like e-logs and automatic trucks. While it took some time, he now enjoys the convenience they bring. “At first, I was hesitant about the new technologies, but once I got the hang of it, I realized how much they help make my job easier. I can’t imagine returning to the old ways,” he says.

Yodeling and Impressions

Off the road, Brent has an interesting hobby: yodelling. He learned this skill from his friends, Bob and Ollie, who were like stepfathers to him, and at one time, he was considered one of the best yodelers around. Brent can also do impressive impressions of famous singers like Louie Armstrong, Elvis Presley, and Roy Orbison. “Music has always been a passion of mine, and it’s been a fun way to unwind after a long day on the road. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and bringing joy through my yodelling and impressions,” Brent shares.

Raising Australian Cattle Dogs

When he’s not on the road or entertaining with his singing talents, Brent spends his time raising Australian cattle dogs. He’s partnered with a friend to breed these working dogs, which are highly sought after in Canada. Brent says, “It’s been a rewarding experience raising these incredible dogs. We’re focused on maintaining and enhancing their natural working instincts, ensuring they remain the exceptional breed of dogs they’re known to be. I couldn’t be prouder of the progress we’ve achieved thus far.”

A True Van Kam Legend

Brent McNamara’s dedication, passion, and love for trucking have made him a valued member of the Van Kam family for over 25 years. As he continues to explore the open road and rack up millions of miles, Brent serves as an inspiration to all drivers in the industry. With a unique combination of hard work, adaptability, and a positive attitude, Brent proves that a fulfilling career in trucking is possible for those who are passionate about their work.

We’re grateful to have Brent as part of our team, and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones together. As Brent says, “I’ll be with Van Kam Freightways until I retire, but I’m in too good a shape to leave yet. I’m still loving every minute of it!”

So, here’s to Brent McNamara – a dedicated driver, a talented entertainer, and a true Van Kam legend. May he continue to bring his passion for trucking and zest for life to the highways of British Columbia and beyond.

75 Years of Trucking Families: James and Chuck Brennan

In our 75 years of existence, our people have always been our advantage. Our achievements and status as Western Canada’s leading LTL service provider are due to the commitment, dedication, and passionate drive of our employees, past and present. Retired Van Kam driver James Brennan and his son, Chuck Brennan, a retired owner/operator, are examples of such employees. The father-son duo have over 30 years of driving for Van Kam between them and they were happy to share their story with us in commemoration of our 75th anniversary.

First Came James

In 1973, Van Kam, under the leadership of Robert Henry Sr., employed James Brennan as a company driver. He later retired in 1994, giving over 20 years of loyal service to the company. “I think I was about 12 years old when my father started working in Van Kam in 1973. He switched to being an owner/operator in 1974 and did that for four years before retiring in 1994 as a company driver,” recalls James’ son, Chuck. “After my dad started with Van Kam, we lived a nice life because the company treated my father very fairly, even in his personal life. I remember washing my dad’s truck with so much pride because I was proud of him and the work he did at Van Kam,” he adds.

Great Role Models

Van Kam’s people are a reflection of who we are, and we always strive to treat them with utmost respect and dignity. Undoubtedly, they’re the most important source of inspiration within our company, and also to others within the communities we serve. We are inspired to know that this made a lasting impression on Chuck. “I was lucky enough to hang out with my dad and other truckers on most weekends growing up; those men were my role models. Seeing them go about their jobs with all diligence and passion made becoming a trucker very attractive to me, and driving for Van Kam became my goal,” Chuck recounts.

Time for Chuck

“It was my goal to one day be an employee of Van Kam, and Robert Jr. gave me that chance when my dad retired in 1994,” Chuck says as he narrates how he started at Van Kam. “He sold me my first truck with insurance, and it came with a job! Unbelievable! It wasn’t the fanciest truck in the fleet, but Robert knew it would get me to the point where I could eventually buy my dream truck… it definitely did.”

Two years after Chuck started, he got his brand-new truck, and a compliment from Robert represented a significant stamp of approval. “Two years into working for Van Kam, I bought my brand new Peterbilt, and while inspecting my paint job, Robert paid me the nicest compliment. He told me my truck was the nicest truck we had in the fleet. What a compliment from the owner!” Chuck recalls excitedly.

James and Chuck Brennan posing with Van Kam’s 1947 International K8 and their own 1996 Peterbilt truck in Van Kam colours.

Committed to the Job

If there’s one thing Chuck learnt from his father and those before him, it’s to do your job diligently and with dedication. “I had a special assignment for eight years while working with Van Kam and I made sure to not miss any run. I moved a mobile MRI unit between three Kamloops, Prince George, and Kelowna hospitals. All three hospitals had to share the single MRI unit,” he says. “Though these hospitals eventually built their own permanent MRI units, I was very proud to be the truck driver that Van Kam trusted with such important cargo to ensure communities were able to receive the life-changing medical info that the MRIs were built for… and I didn’t take that lightly. The day after I got married to my late wife Wendy, I was scheduled to make a delivery the next day for the MRI, so she came with me to Prince George to make the run,” he recalls. Talk about being committed to the job!

Present-day photo of Chuck(left) and James Brennan.

Thanks for Your Service

Van Kam sincerely thanks James and Chuck Brennan, and many other truckers like them, whose service, hard work, and dedication have brought our company to where it is today. Thanks for being part of our trucking family over the past 75 years.

Linehaul Owner Operator 50 Cent Fuel Cap

With inflation hitting everyone in the pocketbook, from businesses to consumers, Van Kam Freightways is stickin’ to its guns and keeping our fuel cap for highway linehaul owner/lease operators at 50 cents per litre. Yup… you heard us right!

Taking One for the Team

We’re taking this one on the chin for our loyal linehaul operators despite escalating fuel costs at our own end. Whether the price of diesel is $1.75 per litre or $2.25 per litre, you will never pay more than 50 measly cents per litre. We’re pretty sure this should excite all you linehaul truckers out there to keep a little extra cash in your pocket while you drive for Van Kam!

Industry Leading Linehaul Owner Operator Rates/Wages

offer than ours! As of this story’s writing, Van Kam offers the following mileage rates and hourly wage (along with a two-stage $10,000 signing bonus!):

Owner/Operator Linehaul Rates:



.50¢ fuel cap

Wait! There’s More

Aside the fuel cap and our industry-leading wages, we offer our linehaul operators even more benefits and perks. Free parking on our secured lots, free truck wash, extended health insurance, and dental coverage are some of the additional perks our owner/operator drivers enjoy. This shows our commitment to the safety of our drivers and their equipment.

It’s a No-Brainer

We’ve been in business for 75 years as one of Western Canada’s leading freight carriers… we know trucking! Van Kam recognizes that linehaul drivers are admirable and hard-working individuals who deserve the right incentive and compensation. We’ve always considered our drivers an essential asset to our business and the supply chain process. Come work for us and receive the pay and professional respect you deserve!

Contact Us Today!

For more info, please contact our Director of Linehaul Operations, Bev Stewart, at 604-968-5488, or HR Manager, Alana Henry, at 604-587-9772.

You can also email us at moc.maknavobfsctd@sreerac and view all our current driving positions at

David Lane, 25th Work Anniversary

Van Kam Freightways Ltd. is happy to celebrate the 25th work anniversary of David Lane. As one of our P&D (pickup & delivery) drivers based out of our Surrey terminal, David’s primary role involves picking up and delivering freight in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Born to Drive

For David, it was always going to be trucking. He grew up in a trucking household in a trucking community. His father was a trucker, and at 17, David already had a job in a local warehouse. “My dad drove a truck. That’s all I’ve known, and it’s something that came easy to me,” he says when asked how he became a trucker. “I got my first job as a warehouse worker at 17, and a few years down the road, I became a 5-ton P&D driver for a company based in Richmond,” he recalls.

Delivering the Goods

“At Van Kam, my job is to drive, pick up trailer loads and deliver them; I don’t handle the freight like in the old days – the trailer is loaded for me. My job is to get the trailer to its destination safely,” says David, talking about his role at Van Kam. “The team is strong; everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and the management provides the tools and equipment needed to do the job,” he adds.

A Trucking Lifestyle

To David, trucking is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle, and he says no other job provides such an independent lifestyle. “When you’re driving a truck, you get the feeling of being your boss; so much freedom… just you, your truck and the open road.” He elaborates, “Trucking has also allowed me to meet many people from various backgrounds; it has been a unique and fulfilling experience.”

Sport Fishing

When David is not driving, he enjoys spending time outdoors and participating in local fishing competitions. “I love to fish, but I only do it for the fun of it, as a sport with other people, so whatever I catch, I return it to the water,” he says. Although David hasn’t won a competition yet, he believes his first win is around the corner. “There’s a competition coming up soon, and I’ve made plans to be there. I hope to catch something that can win me the competition,” he says (fingers crossed).

David also enjoys hunting with his friends and family, going into the great outdoors, and spending quality time together. “Aside from fishing, I like to go up to my sister’s cabin in the woods, hunt for some food, cook it by the fire with friends and have a good time,” he concludes.

Just Relax

Not precisely his motto, but David’s advice to anyone willing to listen is – just relax. “I tell people to learn to relax more. That’s what I do, even when I’m working. It helps me keep a clear head and make better decisions,” he says as he gets ready to enter his truck and go about his day, completely relaxed.

How can we argue with such wise words? Van Kam is proud to have you on our team, David, and congrats again on your 25th work anniversary with us!

Driver Feature: Frank Pelle, Linehaul Company Driver

You always see them on the roads and highways throughout our province. You might have even seen them at the loading docks at your company’s warehouse, but have you ever had the chance to meet a truck driver and have a conversation with one? Take it from us; there are many interesting personalities and stories that you’d only get to hear from a truck driver!

Meet Frank Pelle, one of our hardworking linehaul drivers operating from our Kamloops freight service center who’s also a published poet… yes, we said poet! Read more below.

33 Years of Trucking

Frank joined Van Kam Freightways Ltd. over 13 years ago, and according to him, it’s been a delight ever since. Before Van Kam, his actual trucking career started in the 80s as a swamper at a moving company before joining a union and getting his Class 1. “It’s been more than 33 years now! I’ve been through a lot of winters, a lot of miles through BC and Alberta, battling some very wicked snowstorms, but I see it all as a welcome challenge,” he said.

Frank quickly adds, “This is what I love to do. Driving trucks and getting out there, meeting diverse people, and seeing the entire country in a way only truckers are privileged to do.”

Family is Everything

While Van Kam linehaul drivers receive a consistent “home-time” schedule for improved work-life balance, the unique demand of being a truck driver still means they really value their personal time.

Frank and his fishing bounty and his trusty Honda motorcycle.

“The nature of my job requires me to be on the roads and highways, but whenever I’m off, I spend time with my family and kids, and though they are older now, I make sure to see them often,” he said. “On some weekends, I meet up with friends, and we go fishing – nothing like a fresh trout filled with lemons, garlic, and butter,” he added.

On the Write Path

When asked about his hobbies and interests, Frank says his number one hobby is writing. “I’m always writing with my notebook: poems, songs, thoughts, and some of my life experiences. I have even managed to put together a book of poems which was recently published,” he said. That’s right; our very own Frank Pelle is a published author of the book titled “A Poetry Gift,” which is available online at and will be in bookstores near you soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Frank’s recently published ‘A Poetry Gift” and notebook where he jots all his writing down.

Driving for Van Kam

“I have worked with Van Kam for over 13 years, and one thing I am glad about is the work-life balance. I’m home every night and have the weekends off!” says Frank. “We also receive new trucks every few years, and along with other new freight equipment, I can perform my duties with a high level of comfort & enjoyment. The management is fantastic, and it feels terrific to be in a place that cares for its people.”

“I like working here, there is a sense of brotherhood amongst the drivers, and the linehaul staff are also fantastic. They make what I do a lot easier,” he said.

Advice for Other Truckers

When asked if he had the opportunity to give a piece of advice to other truckers, Frank’s advice can sum up to two words – stay calm. “The ability to remain calm, professional and courteous is better for your health and goes a long way for you and the company you work for.”

That’s some sage advice there, Frank!

We Tip Our Hats

Like many other linehaul truck drivers across this country, Frank is on the roads and highways, delivering freight to communities every week. With drivers like him, product supply chains run smoothly, store shelves remain stocked, businesses remain open, and citizens within communities can live their lives with minimal interruption. We gratefully tip our hats to these drivers’ service and dedication, especially to our “trucker-poet”!

Want to drive for Van Kam? Van Kam offers a $10,000 conditional signing bonus for various linehaul driving positions. We also have industry-leading wages and an exceptional benefits package! Visit for more info.