Meet Brent McNamara, a trucking legend with over 25 years of service at Van Kam Freightways. Proud to be a part of the Van Kam family, Brent has seen the company grow into one of the top companies in British Columbia. As a senior driver, Brent has faced challenges, embraced new technologies, and experienced a lot of adventures on the road. In his words, “I’ve always been very proud to work for Van Kam Freightways. It takes a lot of teamwork to reach this level of success, and I’m happy to have been a part of it.”

From Buses to Trucks: A Life on the Road

Brent’s remarkable trucking career has stretched across an impressive six decades, beginning when he was just 12 years old. Throughout his extensive journey, he has driven a wide range of vehicles, from buses and chemical carriers to automobile transporters. Despite his vast experience, Brent acknowledges that he’s never driven a tow truck, and he doesn’t have any plans to do so either!

Reflecting on his time in the industry, Brent proudly states, “There’s not a single aspect of this organization that I can’t handle. I’ve had my hands on every part of the trucking industry, and it’s been an incredible adventure. Each experience has taught me something new, and I’m deeply grateful for every opportunity I’ve been given to grow and become the driver I am today.”

Every Trip is a Holiday

One thing that sets Brent apart is his enthusiasm and love for what he does. He firmly believes that each journey he takes is akin to a holiday, and attributes his outstanding safety record to his passion for trucking. “The moment I climb into my truck, I become the happiest man alive. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or the sun is shining brightly, I consider every trip a personal holiday. This love and devotion for my job, I believe, are the driving forces that have sustained me all these years, pushing me to deliver excellence every time I hit the road,” Brent shares fondly.

Adapting to Change and Embracing Technology

Throughout his career, Brent has adapted to new technologies like e-logs and automatic trucks. While it took some time, he now enjoys the convenience they bring. “At first, I was hesitant about the new technologies, but once I got the hang of it, I realized how much they help make my job easier. I can’t imagine returning to the old ways,” he says.

Yodeling and Impressions

Off the road, Brent has an interesting hobby: yodelling. He learned this skill from his friends, Bob and Ollie, who were like stepfathers to him, and at one time, he was considered one of the best yodelers around. Brent can also do impressive impressions of famous singers like Louie Armstrong, Elvis Presley, and Roy Orbison. “Music has always been a passion of mine, and it’s been a fun way to unwind after a long day on the road. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and bringing joy through my yodelling and impressions,” Brent shares.

Raising Australian Cattle Dogs

When he’s not on the road or entertaining with his singing talents, Brent spends his time raising Australian cattle dogs. He’s partnered with a friend to breed these working dogs, which are highly sought after in Canada. Brent says, “It’s been a rewarding experience raising these incredible dogs. We’re focused on maintaining and enhancing their natural working instincts, ensuring they remain the exceptional breed of dogs they’re known to be. I couldn’t be prouder of the progress we’ve achieved thus far.”

A True Van Kam Legend

Brent McNamara’s dedication, passion, and love for trucking have made him a valued member of the Van Kam family for over 25 years. As he continues to explore the open road and rack up millions of miles, Brent serves as an inspiration to all drivers in the industry. With a unique combination of hard work, adaptability, and a positive attitude, Brent proves that a fulfilling career in trucking is possible for those who are passionate about their work.

We’re grateful to have Brent as part of our team, and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones together. As Brent says, “I’ll be with Van Kam Freightways until I retire, but I’m in too good a shape to leave yet. I’m still loving every minute of it!”

So, here’s to Brent McNamara – a dedicated driver, a talented entertainer, and a true Van Kam legend. May he continue to bring his passion for trucking and zest for life to the highways of British Columbia and beyond.