Van Kam is proud to announce the pre-order of 3 new Tesla Semi trucks to improve efficiency and to enhance the experience and safety for our drivers. The first delivery is expected in late 2019.

“We expect to reduce our costs, save more energy and maintain the safety of our drivers in the years ahead.”- Casey Henry, Controller of Van Kam.

The electric truck has remarkable features, including a capacity to travel 500 miles on a full charge, impact-resistant glass, an innovative cabin design and the ability to go from 0-60 mph in five seconds without any cargo, using a solar powered charging station.

Inside the truck, two touchscreen displays offer an easy access to navigation, blind-spot monitoring and electronic-data-logging capabilities. Built-in connectivity will allow direct communication with a fleet’s routing and scheduling system, which make it the safest, most comfortable truck ever.

With the buzz around autonomous vehicles, many find it interesting that Tesla paid so much attention to the driver experience.

Aside from safety gains, the redesigned cabin — which has enough space to stand up and move around — puts the driver at the center, allowing for optimal visibility and control.

Tesla says the semi-trucks will offer a better experience for truck drivers, increase safety and significantly reduce the cost of cargo transport.

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