Van Kam Freightways Ltd. is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Trucking HR Canada and the Teamsters Union to provide our dedicated employees with a great opportunity to advance their careers. This partnership allows us to take advantage of a government grant designed to help our team members obtain their Class 1 Licenses.

Developing Talent and Strengthening the Industry

This Driver Training Grant is a government-funded program managed by Trucking HR Canada, aimed at supporting the professional development of employees in the trucking industry. By providing financial assistance for training costs, the grant, along with contributions from the Teamsters Union, enables us to invest in our employees’ growth, ensuring a strong future for Van Kam and the entire trucking industry.

The funding package includes up to $10,000 for the Driver Training Grant and up to $10,000 in wage incentives upon the new driver’s completion of training. This grant is available to both new hires and current employees.

“This initiative is not only beneficial for Van Kam but also addresses the driver shortage issue affecting the trucking industry across the country,’ says Brittany Iverson, Van Kam’s HR Manager, when asked about the details of this valuable program.

Embracing Our “Develop” Value

This exciting new initiative perfectly aligns with our “DEVELOP” value, as it showcases our commitment to helping our employees grow and achieve their career goals. By investing in our team, we continue to build a stronger Van Kam Freightways and contribute positively to the trucking industry.

“We’re thrilled to witness the progress of our employees and their journey toward obtaining their Class 1 Licenses. This program truly embodies Van Kam’s ‘Develop’ value, and we’re excited for the long-term benefits for both our employees and the company,” Brittany shares.

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Drive for Van Kam!

Interested in driving for Van Kam? Please contact our Driver Recruitment Manager, Debra Henkelman, at 604-996-5928, or HR Manager, Brittany Iverson, at 604-587-9772.

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