At Van Kam, we like to encourage and aid the integration of women and promote their accomplishments working in the trucking industry.

Federal labor statistics demonstrates that the percentage of women representation is only of 27% in the transportation workforce, while only 3% of Canadian truck drivers are women. This lack of representation is due to a shortage of recruitment and retention of more women in key occupations.

At Van Kam, we want to help women continue to become a more integral part of the industry. This is not just as drivers filling a need, but as well qualified employees who bring a different perspective to the job.

Here are some helpful tips for what you can do to increase your chances to have an awesome experience and great career as a future professional truck driver.

  • Believe in yourself

The thing you always need to remember with trucking and anything in life is to trust yourself and your capabilities. If you are considering becoming a professional truck driver, you need to remember that you can be just as qualified as the men who are taking advantage of the opportunities for careers in trucking. You should not feel like you have anything to prove and you should not be intimidated for any reason. Don’t get stuck on being a woman in a man’s world. It’s about you doing your job and going home.

  • Learn about the industry

In the transportation industry, there are number of helpful resources and organizations, which are committed to supporting female truck drivers and that are available to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in trucking. Be sure to reach out and use these resources to help achieve your goals.

  • Get trained by women instructors

You can give a jump start to your career by getting the best possible training by seeking a CDL training program that includes female instructors as well. They will be able to provide you insights to operate the industry efficiently.

So if you are looking for a more driver-friendly environment, apply today!

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