Meet Nadina Doyle, our 5-ton Truck Driver based out of our Nanaimo terminal. Her journey into the world of trucking began at 24, inspired by a truck-driving partner. She even got her learner’s permit to drive trucks alongside him. Although life took her on a different path, her passion for trucking remained. Now, with her children all grown up, she’s back on the road, pursuing the career she’s always yearned for.

Driving Her Dream Forward

For Nadina, driving is more than a job—it’s a lifestyle. Her goal is to drive a Class 1 truck. She’s so committed to this dream that she’s taken it upon herself to gain as much driving experience as possible. She even volunteered to drive fire trucks for her local fire department. “Driving gives me a sense of freedom and control. I like the fact that no two days are the same. It keeps my mind active and engaged,” she shares

Nadina joined the Van Kam team seven months ago, attracted by our comprehensive driver training program, which she will be eligible for upon reaching her one-year milestone. “I’m already learning so much, like backing in and out of spots in the yard. I’m on the path to getting my Class 1 license. That’s my dream, and I’m determined to make it happen,” she confidently states.

Nadina posing in front of a Miocene Volunteer Fire Department fire truck.
Nadina posing in front of a Miocene Volunteer Fire Department fire truck, Rural Williams Lake Area, where she volunteered as a truck driver.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Nadina faces challenges as a woman in the male-dominated trucking industry but remains determined and resilient. She believes in her abilities and does not let others’ perceptions define her, earning her colleagues’ respect. “I know that being a woman in the trucking industry can be tough, but I refuse to let that hold me back. I believe in my abilities and I am determined to succeed,” says Nadina. Despite the challenges she faces, her resilience and determination have earned her the respect of her colleagues.

The Great Outdoors and a Loyal Sidekick

Nadina loves exploring both the roads in her truck and the trails of the great outdoors. She’s made her home in a cozy RV, parked just a stone’s throw away from a serene creek that perfectly suits her love for nature. “I enjoy the peace and serenity that nature provides. Hiking, hunting, and fishing are just a few of my favourite outdoor activities,” she says with a smile. “Living so close to the creek gives me breathtaking views every morning. It’s a sense of freedom I wouldn’t trade for anything,” she adds

L-R: Nadina’s dog, Shere Khan, a handmade face mask, and nature art – snapshots of Nadina’s adventurous and creative life.

Nadina also has a creative side, expressing herself through crafting and making art out of anything. Her loyal dog, Shere Khan, accompanies her on every adventure, adding joy to even the most challenging hikes or crafting endeavours. “Shere Khan is always by my side, joining me on every outing and adventure. I dream of the day when he can accompany me in the truck, but that’s a dream yet to be realized,” says Nadina.

A Message to Aspiring Female Truckers

Nadina’s journey serves as a powerful testament to other women considering a career in trucking. Her advice is clear and empowering: “Start earlier than I did. Stand your ground and don’t let anyone, especially those who believe trucking is a man’s job, influence your mindset. Mental strength is key.”

Nadina’s story shines as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging women to break barriers and venture into the world of trucking. Her resilience and determination are qualities we deeply admire at Van Kam. We’re not just proud to have her as part of our team; we’re committed to supporting her as she continues to chase her dream.